I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, taught junior/senior high school English and Creative Writing on Long Island. I knew I wanted to be a writer in elementary school. I started by scribbling terrible rhyming poems and short stories in the notebooks I carried. Over the years I have published FREAKs, a young adult novel about bullying and being different, set in a Long Island junior high school and Pearl, a novel inspired by my years of teaching and loving John Steinbeck’s The Pearl. No Strings Attached is a collection of short fiction. Brooklyn Family Scenes is a volume of stories, essays and poems about my Brooklyn family. Scalia vs. the Universe or: My Life And Hard Times is a collection of my humor stories. And Different Other Different Stories is a collection of 18 varied stories. Fish Story - A Modern Fable for Grown Ups is a moral tale of survival in a fish-eat-fish world. Poetry In Alphabetical Order A Collection of Original Poems is a compilation of all my poetry ever written, so far, in alphabetical order. UFSD 71 is my latest and longest book, a dark comic school novel that took 46 years to write!

Listen to “Lobster Bisque on City Island” from Scalia vs. The Universe:


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